2017 | 12

Work discussion with Volker Giencke

Supporting Programme - Exhibition Graz Architecture
Meeting point: Kunsthaus Graz, Foyer; FR 01.12.2017, 03:30-04:30 pm

„If anyone claims that "extra-terrestrial architecture" did not exist in Graz before the Kunsthaus, then they haven´t seen Volker Giencke´s greenhouses“, is said about the greenhouses for the Botanical Garden at the University in Graz.

2017 | 07

Art Prize of Tryol 2017


Art Prize of Tyrol to Volker Giencke

Award Ceremony

Volker Giencke - Interview

gat.st: Wer, wenn nicht er!

APA Austria Press Release

2017 | 07

A cry for Architecture

To ask a simple question ...

2017 | 07

Graz Architecture

Rationalists, Aesthetes, Gut Instinct Architects, Democrats, Mediacrats

Exhibition in Kunsthaus Graz _Opening September 23, 2017

2017 | 06

Exhibition Palazzo Chiericati


Dedalo Minosse - Exhibition in Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza

2017 | 05

Dedalo Minosse Prize

Photo: Edgars Pohevics

GREAT AMBER Concert Hall - Commended

Award ceremony on June 23rd 2017, "Teatro Olimpico" Vicenza/Italy