Thermal Pool

The plot is a biotope in the middle of a special landscape. Scattered around are trees, solitary and in groups, with clearings, fields and barren land in between. To the west a parkscape, fronted by dunes, then the beach. This staggered layout could hardly be any better for a spectacular recreational landscape. Planning interventions in the landscape are not substantial, nor are they necessary. On the south of the plot a ramped path running diagonally across the plot and through the architecture at a gradient of one in twenty, providing access to the building in the south indoor and outdoor pools, Thalasso bath and therapy, restaurant with terrace, and exhibition area. Horizontal connection to the hotel, fitness and spa reception. Vertical connection to the pools below and hotel rooms above. Two-lane driveway to reception, with right of way for cyclists and short-term bicycle parking and approximately twenty-five car garage spaces, 150 car parking spaces, storage and technical equipment rooms under a leafy hill